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The steel raw material market is stable. The market is stable in the later period.

2023/12/15 09:58
On December 24, the spot market of iron and steel raw materials was mainly stable, the price of imported ore market was firm, and transaction prices were mixed. Domestic mining market price is weak and stable; Billet market prices are mixed; Coke market runs smoothly; The maritime market was somewhat stable.
In particular, 24 imports of ore port spot prices are strong, transaction prices rise and fall each other, forward spot market stability. Recently, the spot market for steel has staged a rebound market, boosting market confidence, iron ore market mentality line into a certain positive, some port spot prices rose, but the festive atmosphere is strong, buyers buy more on demand, so it is expected to short term iron ore market consolidation operation. Futures: iron ore 1605 contract fell slightly, narrow range shock throughout the day, the final close of 304 down 0.16%.
Inside the mine, the domestic mine market price is weak and stable, the transaction is poor. It is understood that there has been no significant improvement in the delivery of ore mines, steel mills in the procurement of ore basically flat. Most manufacturers are pessimistic about the outlook, think the current rise is coming to an end. Considering the cost of molten iron for steel mills continues to fall, the current port price is still affordable, it is difficult to turn to increase the amount of ore. Later domestic ore prices are expected to continue to run low.
The national billet market prices rose and fell mutually on the 24th. Tangshan area price rises 30 yuan/ton, shanxi area rises 10 yuan/ton, jiangsu area drops 10 yuan/ton, other area is stable. Due to the downstream steel market has not been significantly improved, the market terminal demand is limited, most manufacturers are still lack of confidence in the future market, so it is expected that the recent billet market continued to lack momentum upward.
The domestic coke market is running smoothly with no price changes in major regions. Tangshan steel billet rose 30 quotation 1510, the steel market continues to recover, and some steel enterprises have been replenished at the end of the year, coke recently shipped well, north China coke enterprises maintain a low inventory state, coke coke will remain stable in the short term. Futures: coke 1605 late diving, closed 629.0, down 0.94%.
Scrap steel market as a whole on the 24 th stable, general transactions. Tianjin tianzhong jiangtian section steel scrap purchase price down 10 yuan/ton. It is understood that, because the steel mill is still losing money, and at the same time near the end of the year the capital pressure is large, so steel mills to control the cost of steel scrap procurement volume price has not improved significantly, it is expected that the recent scrap market will temporarily stable operation.
Pig iron market prices have not changed, demand is still not good, poor transactions, manufacturers inventory differences. It is understood that there is still no substantial improvement in downstream demand. Downstream steel mills are cautious about purchasing pig iron for steelmaking. Some steel mills temporarily stop external procurement.
Dry bulk shipping market slightly stable on the 24th, panamax ship index continues to rise, capesize ships continue to fall, the main routes freight rates are falling. At present, the freight from Brazil to China sea is 6.683 usd/ton, down 160 usd/ton (150,000-180,000 tons). Freight from western Australia to China sea was usd 2.927 / ton, down usd 0.100 / ton (150,000-180,000 tons). South Africa to China usd 6-7 / ton (150-180,000 tons); Iran to China $115-12.50 / ton (20-30,000 tons). Shipping activities in southeast Asia are quiet. At present, the freight from Indonesia to the port in southern China is $3.5-4.5 / ton (70,000-80,000 tons). Usd 4.5-5.5 / ton (50,000-60,000 tons)