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Storage time and inspection items of galvanized steel coil

2022/12/22 16:36

Although the galvanized sheet has good corrosion resistance and the galvanized layer is relatively thick, even if it is used outdoors for a long time, rust and other problems can also be avoided. However, many purchasers purchase steel plates in batches at one time, which may not be put into use immediately. Then pay attention to the time and basic inspection work for daily storage.


Storage location confirmation

It is recommended to store the steel plates in the warehouse, ensure good ventilation, and also properly waterproof, without direct exposure. The warehouse or shed is suitable for storing steel plates. If it is placed on the construction site, it should also be covered to avoid affecting its quality.



Storage time regulation

Generally speaking, galvanized sheets should not be stored for a long time, and should be used normally within at least 3 months. If the steel plate is stored for a long time, oxidation and other problems may also occur.

Storage inspection


If it is stored for a long time, it is recommended to simply check and clean it every week. If there is a certain amount of dust accumulation, it should be cleaned in time. In addition, problems such as deformation and collision should be handled in time.

In fact, as long as the galvanized sheet can be stored and used correctly, generally there will be no problems. It only needs to store and protect the foundation, and it will not be affected if it is used later.