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Classification and process of galvanized coil

2022/12/12 10:13

① The galvanized coil immerses the steel sheet in the molten zinc bath, and attaches a layer of zinc on the surface of the steel sheet. At present, the galvanized steel sheet is mainly consumed through the continuous galvanizing process, that is, the rolled steel sheet is continuously immersed in the zinc condensation galvanizing tank to consume the galvanized steel sheet.


② Alloy galvanized plate bender This kind of steel plate is also hot dipped, but it is heated to about 500 ℃ immediately after coming out of the tank. The alloy coated galvanized plate that forms zinc and iron has good coating adhesion and weldability.

③ The processing performance of galvanized steel sheet consumed by galvanizing coil electroplating is good. However, the coating of galvanized pipe is thinner than that of hot-dip galvanized sheet, and the corrosion resistance is also poor.


④ Single side galvanized coil and double side differential galvanized coil Single side galvanized steel sheet, that is, single side galvanized product has better compliance than double side galvanized sheet in welding, coating, rust prevention treatment, processing, etc. In order to restrain the defect that one side is not galvanized, the other side is coated with a thin layer of galvanized sheet, that is, double-sided differential galvanized sheet.


⑤ Alloy, composite galvanized coil This is an alloy made of zinc and other metals such as lead, zinc, etc. It is even a composite steel plate galvanized pipe steel plate not only has excellent rust resistance, but also has good coating performance.